deenLady Estelle - Berlin
Phone: +49 176 978 98 448
deenLady Estelle - Berlin
Phone: +49 176 978 98 448


Lady Estelle

Sex appeal, lots of emotion & passion!

I am a MUST for friends of pain, latex lovers, champagne gourmets and high heel/nylon fetishists! Experience a different session with approachability, sex appeal and lots of emotion, passion and that extra kick!

The most outrageous wishes can be realised and lived out.

Exclusive accompaniment to SM/fetish parties.

I always take enough time for my guests. Preliminary and concluding conversations are self-evident.
My philosophy: Satisfied customers who are happy to pay a visit to me again and again. The tribute is discussed before the session – no unexpected costs.

Appointments are arranged individually upon consultation and are possible at any time of day.


How to get your date with me

• Write me a short, crisp message.

• When would you like to meet me? Feel free to suggest several options.

• In which city would you like to meet me? Ideally, you have already found out where I will be at that time.

• How long do you want to stay?

• What do you want to do? Please don’t send me a script of your head cinema, a few short keywords are enough. We can and will discuss all the details later.


And so you don’t

Plan an appointment in advance. Requests along the lines of “I’ll be in town tonight…” usually won’t work because I’ll already be busy elsewhere.

Please refrain from messages like “Hi how are you?”, “Are you a dominatrix?”, etc. You’re just wasting your time and mine, because I don’t reply to them.

If I don’t answer you right away, I’m probably in a session. You probably wouldn’t find it so cool either, if I interrupted our session to answer my messages, would you? So be patient. I’ll get back to you.

I’ll see your dick soon enough, don’t have to send me a picture unless you want to be blocked.


You can call me here