deenLady Estelle - Mistress Berlin
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deenLady Estelle - Mistress Berlin
Phone: +49 176 978 98 448


My Secrets


I awoke slumped in a chair in a dark room, very groggy. Suddenly I heard the unmistakable sound of high heels … louder and louder … then the door swung open and lights were turned on, which briefly blinded me. When my eyes adjusted, I was stunned by the sight of my Lady Estelle. She stood in the doorway and had a truly wicked smile on her beautiful face – her full lips were wet and glistening … her studded corset incredibly tight, pushing her alabaster breasts up and out, her nipples exposed and stiff … She wore fishnet stockings with multiple garter straps and the highest, black heels, which accentuated her legs … and perfect ass. “Tsk, Tsk, is my poor slave drooling? Have you ever seen anyone as beautiful and powerful as me?” She walked around me and taunted me: “See how the fishnets hug my perfect legs…so defined and toned…and how the garter straps press into my sacred flesh? Do you like how the studded corset sensually constricts my breasts and back, and contrasts with my delectable flesh? You will soon experience all this up close and personal…how every inch of my magnificent body is capable of completely destroying a pitiful human being like you. After all – I have been hired to kill you. And I’m going to enjoy myself!!!!” Lady Estelle laughed and strutted toward a full-length mirror, so into herself and her ability to overpower and enthrall. She stood there and admired her amazing body…her strong legs raised to a tremendous height by the gorgeous heels…her incredible ass staring at me. She turned to face me so I could drink in her entire body…and her power. “There is nothing like me, is there, slave? I am, after all, your new religion. Now get on your knees and crawl to me! It is time for some devotion … and perversion!”

I dropped down on the floor and crawled to her, drooling at the sight of her voluptuous, toned body, especially her legs and feet. When I reached her she placed her heeled foot on my back and slowly pressed down until my face touched the floor…then she repeatedly dug her heel into my flesh…”Ooooohhh, slave, you should see the deep marks my sharp heels are leaving on your tender flesh…so fascinating, so dominating…can you feel pain, slave?” I did and began to whimper—and each time she pressed her heel into my flesh harder and harder. ”Now place your face on my feet…smell and lick and kiss my shoes and feet.” I slurped and kissed, enraptured by my debasement, my tongue dragging along her warm, fragrant fishnets, my heart racing because I was so excited to be in the presence of this stunning woman. “Look how my sinfully high heels arch my beautiful feet and make my leg muscles even more pronounced. Keep licking and kissing my feet—follow my beautiful veins with the tip of your tongue!”

I licked and kissed and inhaled for a long time and the Blond Goddess moaned with pleasure and power. “Now devote yourself to my incredible legs…stroke them and kiss them.” I ran my mouth and tongue up and down Lady Estelle’s warm fishnet-covered legs, wetting them with my worship spit, then began stroking her legs with my hands…she turned around, making sure to expose her incredible ass to me, gazing at her own image in the mirror, in love with herself and my humiliation. “Now I want you to bury your face in my ass…sniff my erotic, forbidden scents. Then I want to feel your worthless tongue probing the inside of my asshole…Now, slave!!!” On and on it went, my tongue licking and cleaning the inside of her divine ass, my probing kisses and slurps accompanying Lady Estelle’s moans of pleasure. I could barely breathe but I was aroused beyond belief…my cock had never been this hard and engorged with blood. The forbidden nature of what I was doing – under the power of such a beautiful, stunning Goddess — was more exciting than I had dreamed. I never believed I could get this aroused. I wanted to explode. I slowly rimmed her asshole with my tongue and she loved it: ”MmmmmmOhhhhh…that’s it, slave…do you like the scent and taste of my divine ass? Ohhhh…Yessssssssss, slave…lick the inside of my divine ass clean…Mmmmm…Ahhhhhhh…” Lady Estelle began rubbing her pussy and pushed her moist asshole even further into my face…the scents were intoxicating…I fucked her asshole with my tongue as she moaned louder and louder. Her asshole smelled and tasted so amazing…What a sensation it was feeling its texture … its scents permeated my brain…and the feeling of being so degraded by her was an indescribable rush, swelling my aching cock… Finally the stunning Goddess pulled her ass away from my face. She turned and hooked her heel in my underwear, tearing them from my body. My stiff cock bobbed up and down with my heartbeat…My all-powerful Goddess slowly began stroking the bulging vein on the underside of my cock with her heel until it began to weep pre-cum—she smiled at the sight of it, playing with the clear liquid with her heels, but not allowing me to cum. “Mmmmmmm…Now I want you to rub your cock against my leg like a dog and spurt your cum on my legs and shoes in devotion to your all-powerful Goddess, Lady Estelle!” Of course I did as she commanded…and she laughed at my debasement. But I loved every minute of it…I rubbed and rubbed … and moaned with lust and longing … so helplessly captivated by her … Finally I came powerfully, spasm after spasm, moaning out loud, spewing my white spunk on to her legs and feet, feeling arousal and release like never before. My cum oozed down her leg as she moaned and smiled: “Now lick your worthless cum off my legs and shoes … every drop!”

Of course I did, as she smiled down at me …

I smelled her excitement and it made me dizzy … she was clearly high on this dark moment. “Do you see that other chair in the corner, slave? It’s called a smother chair. Now crawl to it and place your face under the seat!” My cock was becoming rock-hard again as I crawled to the chair. Her ass scent was embedded in my brain. I obediently laid on my back and placed my head down under the smother seat, staring up through the toilet-like hole, my body shaking with lust and fear…She circled me, smiling…she was so cruel and omnipotent. Suddenly she turned and, smiling over her shoulder, slowly lowered her ass over my face…all was suddenly warm, fragrant darkness…I began to slow my breathing, knowing that my oxygen was limited…Lady Estelle just laughed… She moaned with pleasure as I began to panic and grabbed her thighs in supplication, squeezing them…she was excited by my desperation to breathe and live…my body began to shake and I lifted my legs in panic for air…I heard her laughing as she watched it all in the mirror…she stood up briefly, allowing me to gulp in large amounts of air…it felt so cold and sharp…”Mmmmm, suffocating you with my ass is such a turn-on…I am sooooo excited by how you struggle for air … Yessssssssss!” She then sat down again…sitting longer…getting up and sitting again…this went on for a long time…”I can actually feel the power flowing through my body as I suffocate the life out of you…what a fantastic rush!” I gagged and gasped, choking on my spit…my eyes bulged and my legs began to kick in desperation…she smiled and pushed her ass down even harder, crushing my face…I could smell her excitement at the prospect of finishing me…Lady Estelle smiled at the perverted tableau in the mirror…I began to see stars, gasping and gagging and spitting…I struggled at first but I felt myself going under…slowly fading…giving in to the Blond Goddess…

She picked up a riding crop and reached forward with it, stroking my stiff, weeping cock and taunting me: ”Mmmmm, I want you to cum again as you lose consciousness…can you feel your brain starving for oxygen as I suffocate you? Are your lungs burning from lack of air? And can you still taste my asshole?” She laughed at how pathetic and helpless I was…I heard her moaning with pleasure as my skin began to turn red then blue, and my arms, hands, and legs dropped limply to the floor, my fingers twitching. Lady Estelle watched it all in the mirror, in love with her image and her almighty power, rubbing my slimy hard cock with the riding crop. She continued to ass-suffocate me and I felt myself about to cum on the edge of consciousness…autoerotic asphyxiation, brought on by the most powerful and beautiful Goddess…She laughed as she watched my cock spasm once again, ejaculating streams of my warm cum all over the floor as I passed out. But then she wondered—should she really finish me off? She had such a willing slave at her command…a slave she could mercilessly ass-fuck…or breast-smother … or choke … or use as human toilet paper…or perhaps even suffocate with a plastic bag…Indeed, the Blond Goddess, Lady Estelle had more ideas on how to degrade and enslave me with new, perverted fetishes … To be continued?

Ma rencontre avec Lady Estelle

21h. Après deux heures de routes depuis la France, me voilà enfin devant la porte de cette Maîtresse  qui m’obsède tant. Ce moment, je le rêve depuis des mois. Rencontrer et m’agenouiller devant la plus belle des dominatrices. J’ai le souffle court, les mains moites et mon cœur prêt à s’enfuir de ma cage thoracique. Mais il est trop tard, j’ai sonné à la lourde porte de bois et déjà, les pas de la dame se font entendre. La porte s’ouvre, un sourire m’irradie et je fond littéralement devant le rêve qui se dessine en réalité inégalée.

Lady Estelle, sublime et puissante pose devant moi en parfaite déesse vénérable. Beauté perverse perchée sur le piédestal de ses talons aiguilles. Une robe en cuir, déshabillé voyeur dévoile son corps parfait qui fait trembler chaque centimètre carré de mon épiderme. Une longue chevelure d’or épouse la finesse de ses traits jusqu’à venir s’alanguir au creux de ses reins. Un regard, un baise main et déjà le rapport de force est établi. Il ne faut que peu de temps avant que ma Maîtresse ne m’ordonne de me dévêtir. Je m’exécute et l’attend bien sagement, positionné à genoux et dans la plus parfaite nudité. Ses pas s’arrêtent devant moi et dans un rire éclatant elle se mets à m’observer, à me fouiller du regard, moi pauvre petite larve dévouée.

Avant toute chose, me faire prendre conscience de ma place et de ma condition. Lady Estelle enserre ma gorge d’un collier de cuir et me traîne maintenant en laisse, chien que je suis à être en position de lui lécher les pieds. Pas de tout de suite ! La bouche de son esclave doit être prête à lécher sa maîtresse comme il se doit, sa langue doit être humide et éveillée à chaque sensation. C’est pourquoi, moi à genou, bouche grande ouverte, je reçois avec gourmandise les bons et longs crachats que ma magnifique maîtresse laisse glisser sur ma langue et au fond de ma gorge. Quelle délice que de savourer la salive de ma déesse, la sentir s’écouler sur mes lèvres et mon visage entre deux rires. Enfin dans un moment de bonté absolue, j’ai même la récompense de lécher un crachat sur son sein à la fermeté idéale.

Mais je suis son esclave et non son amant, que suis-je d’autre ? Son objet, et encore pour un moment sa vierge effarouchée. Plus pour longtemps, Lady Estelle hisse et attache son nouveau jouet de façon à rendre mon orifice accessible et offert à ses envies. Je peux la voir s’habiller d’un gode ceinture luisant alors que je suis totalement entravé. J’ai une appréhension terrible alors que ses doigts commencent à s’amuser de moi.

« Tu es à moi et je vais te prendre comme je le souhaite.

– Oui maîtresse. Merci Maîtresse »

Je ne connais pas cette sensation et j’ai peur de subir cet outrage, mais je n’ai pas le temps de réfléchir car je sens en moi ma Maitresse qui me pénètre et prend fermement pour me baiser par des va et viens sensuels et si profond que je me sens lui appartenir. Son regard se pose au plus près de moi lorsqu’elle me possède et je ne peux m’empêcher de me révéler et de

lui répéter de continuer. Je ne suis plus que son jouet, sa salope qui ne rêve plus qu’à se faire baiser par elle et dans toutes les positions.

Une fois son plaisir pris, la voilà qui se retire en douceur, me détache et me présente son sexe pour l’enfoncer dans ma bouche. J’aime la sucer comme la bonne salope que je suis, bien sûr toujours entre deux crachats qu’elle me dispense et que j’ai hâte d’avaler.

Le moment est venu pour ma Lady de se reposer et pendant qu’elle est assise sur son trône, elle m’ordonne de m’allonger à ses pieds pour les honorer de ma langue bien mouillée. Un beau moment de dévotion et de plaisir s’offre à moi à vénérer ses deux pieds qui maintiennent mon excitation au sommet.

Pour me récompenser de mon travail, Lady Estelle décide finalement de me désaltérer et m’arrose de son champagne dorée qui me couvre le corps avec chaleur. Elle prends un malin plaisir à se soulager sur moi dans un rire satisfait, tandis que j’ai la permission moi-même de me répandre en prenant soin d’étaler toute ma semence sur mon torse de soumis.

A cet instant, je suis heureux comme jamais et ne pense qu’à une seule chose, à ma prochaine rencontre avec cette déesse hors du commun qui est subjuguante tant par sa beauté physique que cérébrale.

Вечно ваш преданный предмет.